GenCon 2015
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                                                                 2015 Game

    It was a nice quiet year, The Vampire High Council was happy, the werewolves were playing nice.  
You thought the world was safe, until the day your friend John Hex turned up missing.  It all started when
Delaney dropped in to see her big brother John.  She was told by the Majordomo, she was allowed in, and
the staff was to call the police when she showed up.  She was told the Master started to act odd after he
received a visit from his father’s Attorney the day before.  Later that night Doctor Dana stopped by to pick
John up for their date and John told her to get out or he was going to cut her heart out and eat it; and he ran
out of the room.          
    The same day Mr. Tull and Jamie were attracted by wererat in the bathroom they shared at Escott’s.  
Shortly after the fight with Tull broke out, Jamie kicked the bathroom’s door open; and the wererat
disappeared down the toilet just as Seline and Momma walked in.  As Mr. Tull tried to explain to Momma
and Seline why they were naked in the bathroom, the maid walked in.  The maid said she had a letter from
John for them.  The letter said they were fired from the Raven nightclub.
    The same day Cathy was fired from heading the Research and Development department at HexCorp.  
She walked into her office and found a lawyer named Robin Graves sitting at her desk.  He said she was no
longer needed, and had five minutes to be off Hexcorp’s property.  Then two big goons picked her up and
dumped her on the steps of the Lab.  One of them tossed a bag of shredded paper next to her, and said it
was the books from her office.  The lawyer walked out of the Lab and said Jonathan would not be giving
her a letter of reference, and sorry about her car.  She turned to see smoke coming from her parking spot.
That night Lisa got a call from Iggy (the vampire) saying that something bad was going down with her
buddy John.  He said the word was; that for the last two days Hexcorp has been in the market for Blood
Mages, and homeless people were turning up missing, all of their blood in dumpsters around HexLab.  
Jenette from the Council wanted John’s head on a pike, the homeless were put off-limits by Jenette, and the
Boss gets what she wants.  Harry got a call from Willy (the wererat) that night.  He was told someone at
HexCorp has put a contract out on Escott.  Willy said the Rat Pack (Wererat Assassins) were out for
blood.  He said one of the packs made his way into the mansion, but was scared off by Escott’s cat.  He
said the Pack was not backing down, and was going after Escott sometime in the next couple of days, and
they were staking out the mansion waiting for Escott to go out.
    Parson Sean received a call from Jenette Ducharme, of the Vampire High Council.  She said Hex has
Brocken the Council’s rule about killing the homeless for blood.  She said he had two days to turn Hex
over, or it would be open season on Hex.  She said the Council was not looking to start a war with Escott,
but Rules are Rules and she could not play favorites.  She said to tell Escott he could not stop it, and it
would be bad if he tried.  If he turned Hex over she would make his death quiet and with as little pain as
    The team compares notes at Escott’s the next day, and decided to go to John’s house.  At the house the
Majordomo, said you were allowed in, and he said he was going to call the police per the Master’s
instructions.  He told Delaney, she was not to use her key to the backdoor, and he was going to have code
changed, it was on his things to do list.
At the back Delaney put her code in and the little green light turned on, and her key still opened the lock on
the gate.  The back door was open and a plate of triple chocolate chip cookies, still hot from the oven were
on the table.  The door going up stair was open, and Delaney said big brother’s room was up stairs, but she
could not go up stairs when big brother was not home.
    Dana talked Delaney into going up stairs after some cookies and milk.  In John’s room on the bed, in a
burned out line of a suitcase you found an open golden box.  The box was full of burned herbs, and bones.  
Cathy said the marking on the box was for a trap, the soul spell for Jonathan Hex.  She said if John opened
the box his father’s soul would have jumped into John’s body and could have taken him over.  You looked
over the room and Lisa found John’s trench coat under the bed. Lisa said John would not go out of the
house without his trench coat as you saw her try to slip a pair of panties into her back pocket.  You found
John’s lighter and Black Russian cigarettes on the floor with a heel mark on it, something John could not
live without.
    Harry said he found John’s laptop in the office and it was still up and running, and all on the password
on post-it notes on the side of the screen.   You found over two hundred unread messages in his email; the
last ten were death threats from Cathy over being fired and blowing up her car.  Dana wanted to know why
some of the emails were from Lisa; they agreed to talk it over with John when they got him back.  John’s
cell phone was still on the changer and had a voice mail from Robin Graves, saying he had some of John’s
father’s old papers he needed to drop off, and wanted a call back to setup a time.  Tull checked the number
and it was for a pre-paid cell and could not be trace.  From out in the hall you heard a cough, it was the
Majordomo.  He said there were two odd looking men watching the house from a fridge repair track across
the street.
    After a short fright, you got they were working for the rat pack, and the cell phone they used to check
in.  Tull called the pack and setup a meeting.  The meeting was set at an old warehouse by the docks.  
Jamie setup an ambush at the warehouse, and the Pack did not count on silver bullets and a rocket
launcher.  With a little of Mr. Tull’s gentle persuasion, you know they were working for Robin Graves, and
were to kill Escott.  Sammy said he’s the one who made it into Escott’s, and if it was not for the Cat
Goddess they would be back in Vegas at the card table.  When Tull asked what did he mean by Goddess,
he laughed and said didn’t you know you were living with Bast the Cat Goddess?  Tull said “he needs to
have a long talk with Seline when dis was done did”.  As you talked over what to do with Sammy, Jamie
got a call from Jonathan Hex.  Jonathan said it was time for a meeting.  The team decided to go back to
Escott’s, you dropped Sammy at a bar called the Wolf’s Den, the werewolf were happy to see Sammy one
of them said something about B.B.Q today at Zack’s.  
    Back at Escott’s with a little help from Momma Tull, Cathy got the soul spell box reset for Jonathan.  
Mr. Tull got an ear full from Momma about messing with The Voodoo and he had to go out the get her a
switch, but she did make some calls to get all of the herbs, and bones needed for the spell.  It was decided
Cathy and Dana would have the box in outer office and Tull, Jamie, Lisa, Delaney, Lovecraft and Parson
Sean would go into face Jonathan.  
    At Hexcorp the guards were no were to be seen, and all of the doors were open.  The light made a pass
by John’s office, and in the outer office a table was setup with food and drinks.  From out of John’s office
you heard John’s voice with a French accent, saying you had nothing to fear.  In the office Jonathan said we
needed to talk.  He said that his new body was being made, and he would be more than happy to move in to
it.  He said John would not be hurt if you let him finish the body and transfer his soul to it.  He said there
was no need for your little box, and he doubted someone like Cathy could get it working by herself.  He
said after he got his new body he was going to retire to the South of France and give up trying to take over
the world.
    Mr. Tull without a world tried to land a haymaker on Jonathan, and was toast off like a ragdoll.  
Jonathan moved like a cat, and was acting if he was playing with the big man as Tull tried to land a hit.  
Jamie landed two good hits back to Jonathan and the fight was over.  Cathy and Dana use the box to trap
the soul spell for Jonathan, and Delaney cried out “I can feel the Demon in John too”.  She said how the
Demon was running John’s body acting like he was Jonathan.  Parson Sean said the Demon could have
used the mask of Jonathan to fool us into setting him free by trapping John by mistake.  
    The team of Dana and Sean remove the Demon from John’s body, and send it back to Hell.  When John
regained himself, he wanted to know why Jamie hit him and how he got to his office.  Delaney got her cards
out and after reading said he big brother and only big brother this time, but father is not in the box, he got
out somehow.  Cathy checked the box and found it had an escape door on one side made to be open from
inside.  The Team checked the building from top to bottom and you found the lab Robin Graves was using
to make Jonathan’s new body.  You found a note from Jonathan saying he will be seeing you, and he may
be too young for retiring, and who goes to the south of France this time of the year.  
    The next day John got a call from one of the corporation accountants saying that she transferred 200
billion to your fathers account in the north of France, and 400 billion of great-grandfather’s account in the
south of France this morning per his order.  She said the 400 billion transfers to his grandfather account
was held up and would go through by the end of the day.  John had her check and all of the money was
withdrawn 5 minutes after the transfers, and the one for his grandfather did go through and has not been
withdrawn.  John got a call from his father that day saying “have fun running the corporation for now”.