GenCon 2014
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It was Saturday August 16th 2014, a year after last year game.  It was a nice quiet year, no
vampires, no werewolves, and no gun-wielding zombies.  It was the year of Jamie adapting
his role as a security guard to the rich and famous, of little Delaney finding her family, of
Hex trying to live the quiet life.  It was the year of Sean’s mission from God, and Mr. Tull
staying out of Mamma Tull’s hair.  It was the year of Cathy becoming the caretaker for
Escott’s book collection, and of Lisa starting her book on Escott’s life.
It was quiet until Hexcorp, like the legendary Phoenix, was reborn from the ashes.  It all
started Friday night when Mr. Tull saw a tall, dark-skinned woman dressed all in white
leather using the door from a Limo to knock a bat-looking thing back into the Limo; Cathy
was on the ground at her feet.  The woman picked up Cathy with one hand, dumping her
into a red drop top Cadillac, and burned rubber out of the Raven nightclub’s parking lot.
The same night one of Jamie’s vampire ex-lovers attacked him.  She thought he had
murdered her husband, since a black rose was found in the ashes of his body.  The next
morning, she told him how Escott stopped her just in time, and with a kiss she asked him to
find the killer; she walked out into the morning sun.  In Lovecraft’s time as he started out
for his date with his wood nymph, he was met by a very disagreeable Mage, who put Harry
back on the clock.  The same morning Sean found that his church was ransacked and
robbed of its 300-year-old gold and jade cross.  A note in blood was tacked to the door:  We’
re coming for you!  The note seemed to be a death warrant from the Vampire High Council.  
Around 5:00 am, Tull gave Escott a run down of the night at the nightclub.  Escott told him
to rally to the troops, and he was going to start looking into Cathy’s kidnapping, and he
would be back soon.  Shortly after Escott left, Dr. Dana Morningstar arrived from the
reservation to start her training.  She told you that she was sent by her grandfather to study
Shaman’s magic with Escott’s.  
Tull starts to make some calls to find garages that work on Limo’s, when Sean came
running in saying the Vampire High Council had his church ransacked.  As you talked to
Sean, you heard a car horn going off.  You went out and you saw Escott hanging out of his
car, and blood running down his face.  He told you, two men saying they were from the
Vampire High Council attacked him.  He was told to stay out of things.  The Council had
irrefutable proof that Mr. Tull and Lovecraft were helping Cathy to kill innocent vampires.  
He showed you pictures of Tull and Lovecraft holding down a young woman as Cathy
pushed a stake into her chest.  They told Escott, he would not be killed if he turned over his
team.  If he did, the Council promised their deaths would be quick.  If he didn’t the
consequences would be dire.  As you talked to Escott Cathy came running in talking to her-
self about bats, cats and Cadillac’s holding one of Escott’s big white cats in her arms.
Dr. Morningstar was able to heal Escott’s wounds with her magic, and with some pills for
her bag, she got Cathy to slow down enuff to get out of her; how a woman safe her from a
vampire.  She said the woman took her to an all-night coffeehouse and the woman told her
she had a doppelganger was killing vamps, then the woman turn into Escott’s cat.  Cathy
could not get the cat to turn back into a woman; with a little help from Mr. Tull you save
the cat from Cathy arms, and with a shot from Dana’s bag you got Cathy to calm down.
After a brief comparing of notes, it was decided to set up a meeting with the Council.  
Escott made some calls; the meeting was set for Sunday at midnight at the Raven nightclub.  
The team decided to check out the garage that was working on the white limo.
At the garage you saw the Limo with the missing door.  Being that it was Saturday only one
mechanic was working.  With a little of Mr. Tull’s “gentle persuasion” and a twenty from
Lisa, he went out for coffee.  Going over the Limo you found it had no VIN number, and
had a set of twelve license plates in the back.  Going thought the office’s desk; you found
the name and address of the Limo Company “Fly by Night Limo”.  At the address you
found an all white garage, the window were panted white as well.  Lovecraft got the back
door open without setting off the alarm.  You saw eleven all white Limos and one open bay.  
Delaney found a door going to the basement; inside she found two bullmastiffs.  Delaney
took the dogs out for a run, as you made your way down.  You found twelve white coffins.  
From the call log you found, the name of the driver of the Limo with the missing door.  You
opened his coffin, and he was wearing bunny PJ, and holding a vampire teddy bear.  Lisa
found bottles full of blood, mark cow, pig, etc; they had the look of old milk bottles all mark
with Fly by Night Dairy logo.
It was decided to take the coffin back to Escott, and wait for sunset, so you could talk to the
driver.  On the way back to Escott’s, Lisa wanted to stop at a Chinatown market to pick up
some pig, for the vamp.  In the market she found the same milk bottle mark pig’s blood, as
well as cow, dog and so on.  When she asked, she was told “It’s for the night people”, and
she was told they deliver if she was picking up a little something for her boyfriend or
When the vampire aware, he looked at the team and ask if he did something wrong.  He told
you that he picked up Reginald and dropped him at the Raven, and was told to wait for
him.  Around 2 a.m. Reginald returned with a girl, and he was told to close the window to
the back.  The next thing he saw was Mr. Escott’s pet cat Seline, using the Limo door to
knock Reginald down.  He told you that Reginald has been upset, after his little brother was
murdered.  After they ran off Reginald told that the girl was the murder, and he was going
to get her.  He was stopped by Ms. Ducharme, and he was taken by two of the High Council,
and the driver was told not to talk about the night.  You gave him the blood and some
cookies, as you called a cab to take him back to the garage.
Lisa got a call from the girlfriend of her vampire friend Iggy.  She said that Iggy was going
to Cuba, the caller said that she know Cathy was killing vamps, and she wanted her to back
off from Iggy.  After Lisa got Iggy on the phone he said, that someone saying they are part
on the Council put it out that Cathy was playing at being Buffy the vampire slayer, and they
had a death warrant on Cathy.  Iggy said that the Council did not work that way, that if they
wanted Cathy dead, she would be pushing up flowers.  He said he did not know who was
killing Vamps, but he know Cathy didn’t have the power to take out one of his brother, but
someone was working hard at making it look like Cathy was a killer.  Iggy said he didn’t
care who was doing the killing, but he was getting out of town for her health.  He said the
last time he was in Cuba, Kennedy was still in office.  He said that Bettie needed a vacation,
and he had better things to do then get a staked.  He told her that Bettie’s Dad was paying
for the vacation, and they would be back sometime next year.
Lovecraft said he had things, he needed from his apartment, he said he would be back by
morning, the team decided it would be bad for him to go off by himself, so it was decided
they would all go to his apartment.  Lovecraft found the door of his apartment open.  
Inside, on the floor you found a white leather thigh-high boot.  About a yard away, you
found its mate next to a white leather jacket.  You found a white leather miniskirt hanging
from the ceiling fan, and a white silk blouse was on his bed.  From the bathroom came the
sound of the shower running.  As Lovecraft moved toward the door, a tall dark-skinned
woman with white hair walked into the room.
“Cat got your tongue?”  She purred as she picked up her blouse.  “Thanks for the shower.  
It’s been a long day.”  She said her name was Seline, and that she was Escott’s cat, or as she
put it Escott was her pet human.  Seline said that she was using Lovecraft’s apartment to
keep an eye on Tull at night.  She said she didn’t like him working at the Raven nightclub,
and she needed a place to keep her clothes, and if Escott was still paying for the apartment,
who was it hunting.  Seline said she didn’t want Escott to know about her little game and it
would be bad for Lovecraft if told on her.  She told Lovecraft it would be a good thing to go
over to the Raven and play Sherlock Holmes.  She said to ask John if he could use his key to
get in, she said you know it’s his club.  She said not all the people who like to hang out at the
club were people.   She said it was time for to put on her clothes and go out and play.  On
her way out she stop and pick up Tull by her collar, and after a long kiss, she said “You will
call me” then dropped him to the floor.  She said to call Harry number when he was free to
go out, and to tell Mama she was going to make a man out of her little boy.
The meeting at the Raven took place at midnight.  The team found a woman and her two
bodyguards waiting for you inside the nightclub.  Her name was Jenette Ducharme, and you
know she was on the Vampire High Council.  With a warm smile she said, “I hear you need
my help, or the Council’s help, I should say.”  You could tell she wasn’t acting.  From
talking with her you found, no one the High Council was looking for the team.  You showed
her the picture of the girl being killed.  The woman said, “No human could hold down a
vampire, and vamps don’t show up on film.”  She told you the girl’s name and said she was
a Pretender, a vampire who tries to be human.
As the team talked, Delaney suddenly cried out, “Something bad is happening!”  You could
smell the gas, and you started for the door, and it was nailed up.  Mr. Tull made toothpicks
out of the door with one big left hand.  You made it out seconds before the club burst into a
ball of flame.  One of the bodyguards wasn’t so lucky.
The girl’s name was Amie Shreve, and she worked as a graphic designer.  It was decided to
go to Amie’s apartment.  At the apartment, you found it had been ransacked.  On the floor
you found two Runic magic books, and Dana could tell that they were working magic
books.  You also found a pool of thick green liquid in the middle of the living room.  
Comparing the picture to the room, the liquid was near where Amie was killed.
Cathy told you the liquid looked like blood to her.  She said there’s only one thing with green
blood, and that’s a doppelganger.  You found a Hexcorp I.D. card with Amie’s name on it.  
Lisa found a small safe behind a concealed panel in the closet.  In the safe were designs for
a new logo for Hexcorp.  The moment you saw it, you had an uncontrollable need to go out
and buy something.  Cathy found small ritual symbols in the background of the design.  She
told you it was a spell, and it could be copy by printing it.
Lisa found Amie’s diary.  Her last entry was of her feeling that something bad was going to
happen to her.  She felt she was in the middle of all the wrong signs coming together at the
wrong time.  In the bathroom, you found the ashes of Amie in the tub; green liquid was all
over the floor.  Harry said, “It looks like Amie got in a good shot or two.”  The clues pointed
back to Hexcorp, but you couldn’t figure out why.
The last piece of the puzzle came from a call from Jenette.  She said Jonathan Hex was out
for revenge.  She said Hex was trying to set the team against the Vampire Council, and the
Council on the team.  She also said Hex had Amie killed so none of the competition could
use Amie’s magic.  Setting the team up for the murder was just killing two birds with one
stone.  If the team were out hunting The Council, it wouldn’t have time to look into Hex’s
It was decided to start a Hexcorp’s Lab, Delaney called her big brother to meet them at the
Lab.  The team made its way into the lab.  Delaney walked up to the Top Secret door.  As
the door slowly opened, a machine-like voice said, “welcome back number six”, at the door
marked Genetically Engineered Life Form; Delaney said “I’m going in.”  In the room, you
found three babies, two boys and a girl, in a makeshift nursery.  Dr. Morningstar checked
them out and found that, like Delaney, they were very strong, and like her they had no
navel.  The team decided to leave the babies with the golem.  By the time the team checked
the lab floor the babies were teenagers, and was helping the team fine clues.
Something was calling Delaney and the kids; they ended in one of the labs setup as a
bedroom.  The room had a wall of high tech guns, and knifes.  On the desk by the bed you
found a diary of kills and days of the killings.  You found a Hexcorp I.D. card with VI as the
name on it.  As the team looked around the room you saw a small woman that looked like
Delaney holding a knife to the Mr. Tull’s neck and his arm pin behind his back.  The
woman dropped the knife when Delaney walked over to face her.  The woman ran over to
Delaney, crying “you left me, why did you leave me, can we go now”.  The woman told you
how father made her and little brother number 7 kill people for him.  The woman or Vi as
she called herself said that father took 7 with him to the house as a bodyguard.  She told you
how she was going to kill John and number 5, and how she was told to cut off John’s head
and to take John and 5 bodies to the house.  
The team made its way to the house and up to Hex’s office.  On the floor outside of the
elevator was a pentagram.  Lovecraft said “The pentagram looks different from the ones
from the first lab.”  Cathy said she would stay and study the pentagram.  The elevator
opened to Hex’s office.  Jonathan Hex was waiting for you.  He looked at his watch and
said, “It took you long enough to get to me.  Now to business, Hexcorp will soon be in
power.  You can be on the winning team, or you can be a memory.”
Hex made you a very tempting offer, but in the end you turned him down.  The team of
Dana and Sean started to dispel the demon inside Hex.  You saw a man in his 90’s walk out
of Hex’s body.  The demon was dispelled and Jamie made short work of what was let the
The next day the headline said, all the members of Hexcorp’s Board of Directors were killed
in a fire at Hexlab.  You know the team didn’t set the fire or kill the board members.  The
same day, John received a call telling him he was the new C.E.O of Hexcorp.
Later that day the team received a call from Cathy.  The pentagram she was working on
disappeared.  Things are looking up for the world now that Hexcorp is under new
management, or is it?