Delaney is a little girl in a woman’s body.  At times, she seems like a wild thing trapped in a human body.  She lives in the
heart of downtown New York, but nothing is known of her past.  The earliest memory she has is looking up at a street sign
“Fourth and Delaney”.  She was wearing a hospital gown and a red and white-checkered tablecloth for a skirt.
She makes a living as a street gypsy.  Her days are spent reading palms, telling fortunes, singing and dancing, when she isn’t
playing hide and seek with the police and social workers.  From time to time she stops in to visit with her friends at the occult
bookstore or the graveyard.
Children are especially fond of her, asking for stories whenever they see her, but there is one story she will never tell – where
she came from.  When asked all she says is “It’s like this…in the beginning there was complete and utter darkness…a dark
void…then *whoops* there I was!!  She then darts off laughing and you’re not sure if she is making fun of you or not.  She is
very mercurial in her nature, angry one moment and laughing the next.
Val Char Base Cost
18 STR
20 DEX
15 CON
18 INT
13 EGO
13 PRE
20 COM
06 PD
03 ED
04 SPD
10 REC
40 END
10" RUN
02" SWIM
03 1/2" LEAP
STR Roll: 13- Run:  10"
DEX Roll: 13- Swim:  2"
CON Roll: 12- Leap:  3 1/2"
INT Roll: 13-
EGO Roll: 12-
PER Roll 13-
Disadvantages Pts
Vulnerability Mind Attacks: 2 x STUN (Uncommon)  10
Psychological Limitation Childlike: (Uncommon, Strong)  10
Psychological Limitation Curious: (Common, Strong)  15
Psychological Limitation Showoff: (Common, Moderate)  10
Psychological Limitation Weird Sense of Humor:
(Common, Moderate)  10
The Unknown  5
Money: Poor  5
Hunted Police & Social Worker: 8- (Mo Pow, NCI, PC has
a Public ID or is otherwise very easy to find, Watching)  15
Distinctive Features over 6' tall Red Head: (Concealable;
Always Noticed and Causes Major Reaction; Detectable
By Commonly-Used Senses)  15
Reputation Nutcase : , 8-  5
Pts.  Skill/Perk/Talent/Power END
16   Clairsentience (Sight, Smell/Taste, Touch And Hearing
Groups), Future & Pass (65 Active Points); No Conscious
Control (-2), Extra Time (1 Turn (Post-Segment 12), Only
to Activate, -3/4), Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4)  6
10   Tarot Cards (20 Active Points); OAF (-1) [Notes:
Bought off no conscious control limitation on her
Clairsentience]  0
5   Ghost Perception (5 Active Points)  0
10   Mental Defense (13 points total)  0
4   Low Blow: 1/2 Phase, -1 OCV, +1 DCV, 2d6 NND    
03   Acrobatics 13-    
07   Acting 14-    
03   Animal Handler 12-    
05   Breakfall 14-    
02   +2 Switchblade    
03   Concealment 13-    
03   Contortionist 13-    
03   Conversation 12-    
02   KS Ghosts 11-    
03   KS Local Psychic History "Ghost Stories" 13-    
02   KS Local Ghosts 11-    
03   Lockpicking 13-    
03   Oratory 12-    
03   Persuasion 12-    
03   PS Street Gypsy: Appraise 13-    
03   Shadowing 13-    
03   Sleight Of Hand 13-    
03   Stealth 13-    
03   Streetwise 12-    
02   Survival (Urban) 13-    
01   WF: Switchblade    
03   Absolute Time Sense    
20   Animal Friendship    
03   Bump Of Direction    
40   Danger Sense (any area, any danger) 13-    
05   Eidetic Memory    
03   Lightsleep    
04   Speed Reading (x10)    
$10   Switchblade: Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 1/2d6
(1d6+1 w/STR) (10 Active Points); Independent (-2), OAF
(-1)  1
$20   Lockpick Set: (Total: 0 Active Cost, 0 Real Cost)
[Notes: +2 to Lockpicking Independent (-2) ,AOF (-1)]  0
Hair: Dark Red with Pink, green and Blue mix in.
Eyes: Dark Green
Appearance: Hight 6' 1" Weight 140 lbs Age 8 Bace out of
New York
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                                                                           The lead into the game.

You’re a GELF or Genetically Engineered Life Forms; you find this out by reading the papers that Michael got out of the
Hexcorp Lab.  They tell of how you were made from Jonathan Hex’s DNA to be part of a super spy team.  Your big brother
Golem was number one, and he was made out of body parts, and two though seven was grown in a test tube.  Two,three
and four did not live more than a day, after being removed from your tank.
As you read the papers, you start to remember how you and your little sister six & brother seven made it out of the tank.  
You start to remember how you started to go through training to be a Spy, and little number six was trained to be an  
assassin, (you don’t remember anything about #7).  You remember you did not like being a Spy, so you made your way out
of the lab, but on the way out, six hit you in the back.  The next thing you remember was looking up at a street sign Fourth
and Delaney.
You now know that your little sister & brother is still part of Hexcorp, and it’s up to you and your big brother to save her.