A very small and very scared seven-year-old girl was kidnapped by a demonic cult for use as a sacrifice to a demon.  When the cult
called the demon, he looked down on her and said, “Throw her back, she’s too small.”   Then with a laugh the demon rip out the heart
of cult leader and eat it.  After the demon’s little snack, he looked at the girl and said, “We will meet again, now go home and get
bigger, for God’s sake!”
“We will meet again” rang in her ears for the next 13 years, and in that time she studied the enemy.  From her late teens, she traveled
the world seeking old texts and artifacts that may work on stopping evil.  Some are in museums, so she simply keeps tabs on those.  
Over the years, she built up a large collection of occult books.  In time, the collection grew into her business.
On the 13th anniversary of her kidnapping, at 12 midnights, the demon returned in a cloud of smoke and fire.  The demon very
menacingly looked down on her, and then with a mischievous smile, yelled, “Boo… Scared you!!”  With a loving kiss on the forehead,
and then a wink he disappeared in smoke, he called, “Be seeing you and you’re still too small…. OH!  By the way Happy Kidnapping
Day, same time next year?”
There’s nothing as worse as a demon with a weird sense of humor.
Name: Cathy Black

Base OCV:  4 Base DCV:  4
Adjustment+    Adjustment+    
Final OCV:    Final DCV:   
Val Char Base Cost
08 STR
13 DEX
10 CON
20 INT
13 EGO
10 PRE
16 COM
05 PD
05 ED
02 SPD
04 REC
30 END
06" RUN
02" SWIM
01 1/2" LEAP
STR Roll: 11- Run:  6"
DEX Roll: 12- Swim:  2"
CON Roll: 11- Leap:  1 1/2"
INT Roll: 13-
EGO Roll: 12-
PER Roll 13-
Disadvantages Pts
Normal Characteristic Maxima  0
The Unknown  15
Watched by Demon with a weird sense of humor: 11-
(Mo Pow, Watching)  10
Distinctive Features 4' 9", 90#: (Not Concealable;
Always Noticed and Causes Major Reaction;
Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses)  20
Unluck: 5d6  25
Psychological Limitation claustrophobia: (Uncommon,
Moderate)  5
Psychological Limitation Overconfidence: (Common,
Moderate)  10
Psychological Limitation Weird sense of humor:
(Common, Strong)  15
Pts.  Skill/Perk/Talent/Power END
25   Luck 5d6  0
6   Healing BODY 1 point, Can Heal Limbs, Reduced
Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Persistent (+1/2) (16
Active Points); Extra Time (1 Turn (Post-Segment
12), -1 1/4), Self Only (-1/2)  0
5   Life Support (Longevity: Immortal)  0
7   Mental Defense (10 points total)  0
20   +40 PRE; Limited Power Only vs PRE Attacks
3   Scholar    
2   1) KS Alchemy (3 Active Points) 13-    
2   2) KS Demonology (3 Active Points) 13-    
2   3) KS Magic (3 Active Points) 13-    
1   4) KS Magic Items (2 Active Points) 11-    
2   5) KS Magic Lore (3 Active Points) 13-    
2   6) KS Mystely Langueges (3 Active Points) 13-    
2   7) KS Occult (3 Active Points) 13-    
1   8) KS Occult Areas (2 Active Points) 11-    
2   9) KS Occult Books (3 Active Points) 13-    
2   10) KS Occult Books Dealers (3 Active Points)
2   11) KS Occult Items (3 Active Points) 13-    
2   12) KS Ritual Magic (3 Active Points) 13-    
2   13) KS Spells (3 Active Points) 13-    
2   14) KS Supernatural (3 Active Points) 13-    
2   15) KS World Religions (3 Active Points) 13-    
8   Animal Handler (Dogs) 14-    
7   Bribery 13-    
7   Bureaucratics 13-    
3   Concealment 13-    
7   Conversation 13-    
7   Cryptography 15-    
8   Forgery (Art Objects, Commercial Goods,
Documents, Money (Counterfeiting)) 13-    
14   Gambling (Board Games, Card Games, Dice
Games, Sports Betting, Roulette) 15-    
7   High Society 13-    
7   Oratory 13-    
7   Streetwise 13-    
11   Trading 15-     
30   Follower BlackJack the Irish Wolfhound    
6   Money: Wealthy    
1   Fringe Benefit: Passport       
5   Eidetic Memory    
25   Universal Translator 18-     
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Appearance: Height 4' 9" Weight 90 lbs Age 21 Base
out of New York
Cathy Black
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                                                                            The lead into the game.

Escott is a slave driver!  He has you cataloging all of his books it was fun at first, but after a year it getting old.  All you do day after
day is go through smelly old books.  You’re going mad, one day you even caught yourself talking to one of Escott’s big white cats.
It’s a Friday morning and there’s no hope of going out.  You plant yourself by the pool, for one—maybe two hours, and then you’ll do
your work.  After a while, you feel something on your face.  You open your eyes to see Delaney dropping rose petals.  “Its dinner time,
Escott going to kill you,” she says as she does a back flip and ran off laughing.  You see someone has kindly put an umbrella over you.
You breathe a worried sigh, “Escott’s going to kill me.”  He’ll be home any time and you haven’t even opened book one.  When Escott
comes home, he’s talking to himself.  That’s a bad sign.  He only talks to himself when he’s in a bad mood.  You try to make your way
up to your room without him seeing you, but no luck.  The second your foot hits the stairs you hear, “One moment, young lady.”
You think “I’m dead” as you turned to face him.  He hands you a set of car keys.  “I picked up a little something for you to get around
in.”  Then he surprises the heck out of you by telling you to go out and do the town up right.
“You need to get out more,” he says.  As he walks off, you see he wasn’t talking to himself, after all.  He was talking to one of his big
white cats, from over his shoulder he says, “Remember, be back to work by Monday!”
Outside, you find a new red Jaguar convertible with a bow on it.  “God bless you, Charles Escott,” you giggle breathlessly and jump
in.  On the dashboard is a Gold Card with your name on it, and the guy at the gas station swears the Raven Nightclub is the hottest in
On your way to the Raven, your cat friend crawls out from under the passenger seat.  You think about taking it back to Escott’s but
then playfully change your mind.  Why not?  You say to the cat.  “We’ll make it a girls’ night out.”
You find a spot in front of the club.  The doorman tells you its four to five hours to get in.  Disappointed, you start to walk back to the
car, when your cat jumps out of your arms and run around the corner into the alley.  You run after her, but as you turn the corner
there’s no cat in sight.  Instead, you see a woman dressed head-to-toe in white leather.  She’s over six feet tall, with dark skin, snow-
white hair, and greenest eyes you have ever seen.
Cat got your tongue?  She purrs as she breezes by you.  The doorman had the door open by the time she got to it.  You coming, Kitty?  
She calls to you as she walks into the club.
Your new friend says, “Have fun…  But not too much fun.  See you, Kitty” and makes her way over to the bar.   You see Mr. Tull
behind the bar mixing drinks.  You think to yourself he looks like he’s right at home.
Than you see the man of your dreams, sitting at a corner table.  You try to move over to talk to him, but you lose him in the crowd.  
All at once, you feel someone kissing your hand, when you turn, it’s him.
Dance, little one?  He says in a dark, rich voice.  The night is straight out of your best dreams until you get to his limo.  Then the
dream turns into a nightmare.  In the back he looks deep into your eyes and you’re suddenly frozen as he begins to change into some
kind of bat-thing.  His voice is no longer smooth and velvety, but bitter and harsh.  He snarls, you killed my little brother, and now I’
m going to kill you.  But I’m going to do it slowly.  I’m going to make it last a long time, just like my brother.  He’s going on and on
about you killing his brother and you’re still unable to move.  You feel yourself falling.
The next thing you know, you see the woman from the alley with the limo door over her head.  She uses it to knock the bat-thing back
into the limo.  Then she grabs you up and runs to the Jag.
She puts down about a quarter inch of rubber peeling out of the place, but she’s cool and calm when she asks you, “What’s the story,
Morning Glory”?, and you spill it.
At an all-night coffeehouse, she plants you in a corner booth and tells you she needs to make some calls.  She asks you for your cell
phone and when you roll your eyes, she just smiles and pats her leather-covered behind unapologetically, “With this outfit; do I look
like I have cell phone?”
After your tenth cup of coffee she comes back.  The news is bad; she tells you that you have a doppelganger, and its killing vamps.  
She tells you that Vampire High Council is looking for blood, and you are on the menu!
She tell you she needs to go to the sandbox.  After about 20 minutes you check, and no one in the bath room.  When you go out to the
car you see your cat friend playing with the keys in the passenger seat.