GenCon 2013
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It was Friday the August, 16th 2013; a man you knew by reputation only, invited you to his mansion for a party.  The mysterious man
was Charles Escott and he seemed to know more about you, than you would like him to know.  On the guests list you found, Cathy Black
an occult book store owner from New York & Blackjack her Irish Wolfhound; Jamie of the Clan Blackrose, a jet setting Scottish Lord,
who was down on his luck; Michael Brown, who can bring anyone or anything “within the law’ together for a price; Delaney who seems
like a nut case; Lisa Eizo an ace reporter for weekly news magazine; John Hex the son of a multibillionaire; Harry P. Lovecraft, he looks
like a bad 1940’s detective; Parson Sean O’Leary he seems to be a man of uncommon faith, but also knows the value of a good cigar, and
Patrick J. Tull 280# of Cajun.
At the party you talked to the other guests and found the only thing you had in common with them was none of them knew Escott
personally.  As the party progressed and you tried to find some link with others, and you discovered you all have talents and unusual
skills.  When you finally met Escott, he offered you a position as a freelancer for his detective agency, or PRIVATE AGENCY, as he put
it.  As you were talking over his offer, Escott was called away to take a call.  The call was from a member of Chinatown Tong who owed
Escott a debt of honor.  The caller told Escott that his friend Annie Devlin  had been murdered, and her body was in an alley on the edge
of Chinatown.  Escott asked the caller to watch over Annie's body until he could send people in. Your first case for Escott was to solve
Annie’s murder and bring him the name of the person responsible.
Escott told you he did not think Annie had an enemy in the world and all that knew her loved her. He told you all about Annie, including
the fact that she was a 500 year old vampire who only drank the blood of animals.  In the alley, you found Annie’s body next to one of the
dumpsters behind the Bamboo House Restaurant.  She had a stake in her heart and her head was a few feet from the body under one of
the dumpsters.  When you looked the body over, you found that her canines were pulled out, and her blood was like water.  Blackjack
found Annie’s purse next to one of the dumpsters.  As you looked for more clues, you saw Delaney talking to an old trashcan.
When you asked her, she told you she was talking to the old man setting on the trashcan.  As you talked to Delaney, you discovered she
was actually talking to a ghost who was setting on the trashcan. The ghost told her a big man dressed all in black dumped the body.  He
also told you the man walked like a man in pain, and he dropped to his knees as he dumped the body. The ghost gave you part of the
license number of the car.
The group decided to go to Annie’s house.  At the house, you found Annie had made a mansion out of three adjacent brownstones.  The
first thing you found was the body of her guard dog in the entry hall.  The dog’s skull was crushed in by one punch.  Jamie said it looked
like his bother work, but would not say more about it.  Looking through the house, you found Annie’s office.  It took the team of  
Lovecraft and Jamie to bypass her security on the computer.  The computer contained Annie’s diary, it told of her life from her first days
as a vampire to her more recent life of making new identities for other vampires.  The computer also contained her client’s list, as well as
her will.  Using the office phone, Mr. Tull ran down the license number of the car from the alley.         The car was registered to St.
Bartholomew a small Catholic Church on the edge of Chinatown.  Anie’s will leave all of her money to St Bartholomew.
 In the trash you found a first draft of a letter to a Father Michael asking for his help to end her five hundred years of pain.  Upstairs,
you found Annie’s bedroom, where she was killed.  In the floor were four iron spikes and rope where Annie was tied down.  From the
pattern of blood on the wall, Lovecraft and Mr. Tull could tell her head had been cut off before she was dead.  You also found a spot of
dried blood in the middle of the room next to two small candles and the imprint of a heavy book.  By the candles you found a small coin,
John said it was a security token for Hex lab.  After Delaney looked at the token she said the pattern on the back of the coin looked like
her tattoo on her backside, and she was happy to show it to all.  It was the pattern and under the pattern was a barcode.  She said she
always had it and she did not know how she got it.
 The group decided it was time to talk to the good Father.  At the Church, you found the old black Ford the ghost told you about parked
in the back.  The back of the driver’s seat had dried blood on it. Annie’s blood was allover the inside of the trunk.  Due to the late hour,
the group had to wake up one of the other priests.  Father Sean told you Father Michael had been in a very bad accident and had to be
rushed to the hospital.  It took a great deal of persuasion, and a little help from   John’s hypnosis to get the name of the hospital.  Jamie
kept the nurse busy while the group slipped into Father Michael’s room.  When you confronted him with the evidence, he broke down
crying.  After he pulled himself together, he told you how for months Annie  had begged for his help.  She needed his help to end her
curse, to free her from being a vampire.  He told you Annie had found an old spell book, a very old book that held the secrets of cueing
vampirism.  He told you of how Annie stolen the book for Hex lab, and how she thought her life would be in danger.  He told you he was
in the middle of reading the spell when he heard the guard dog howl.  The next thing he knew, he was in the E.R. and young Sean was
giving him the last rites.
 After talking to the priest, the group decided to go back to Escott’s.  As you left the hospital, Delaney said something bad was out in the
parking lot.  When Mr. Tull peeked out, he saw the face of a man he knows he had already killed, he know he put three .44 in his hart.  
The face belonged to a voodoo priest that had tried to kill Mama Tull.  A short battle between the voodoo priest and his shotgun wielding
zombies versus the team broke out.  The team captured the priest, and with Mr. Tull’s gentle persuasion, he gave you the name of the
man who hired him, Jonathan Hex.  John told you Jonathan is the head of Hexcorp and his father.  He told you Hexcorp are slowly taking
over the world by buying it bit by bit.  He told you Hex lab’s main US office was located outside the city.  He also told you he knew Hex
lab was doing a great deal of research toward stopping the aging process by modifying the structure of human blood and that a working
spell book would be invaluable to them.
The team decided to take the voodoo priest back to Escott’s.  On the way to Escott’s mansion, the priest began begging not to taken to
Escott’s.  At the moment the car entered the estate, the priest howled out in pain and you saw him age 30 years in 30 seconds.  In the
mansion, you found two members of the Vampire High Council waiting to take the voodoo priest off your hands.  One of the vampires
told you they were not going to kill him.  In fact, he said, they planned to keep him alive for a very long time.      
 The team decided to get some rest before going on to raid the lab.  Sometime around noon that day the team became active, but Sean
was nowhere to be found.  The housekeeper told you he left shortly after you went to bed.  He took a bag of wooded stakes from the
armory in the basement and asked her to make a pot of coffee and make some sandwiches.  He said he had vamps to do and things to
see.  She said he had a long list of names and addresses. Over brunch John told you it would be best if he didn’t go on the raid.  He told
you because of his family, they could sense him coming.  But he gave you the overall layout of the lab and told you the secret lab would be
somewhere underground.  He warned you magic might be part of the security systems.
 He said he would set up a distraction at Hexcorp main office, to draw off as many guards as possible.  He also told you that not all of the
guards would be human.  It was decided to raid the lab at midnight. At five till twelve, six vans tore out of the parking lot.  They were
heading in the direction of a red glow.  One car was left in the lot, and the building was dark.  The team made its way to one of the small
doors on the back loading dock. Lovecraft took one look at the lock and told you the lock and security system were from his time. With
more than a little help from Cathy, he bypassed the security and the lock.  The warehouse was empty and the team made its way to the
main part of the building.
On the way, Harry noticed pentagrams ultraviolet on the floor inside each door.  Lovecraft told you the pentagrams were used to
summon and hold demons in front of the doors.  Cathy told you it would be very bad to break one of the lines of the pentagram.  The lack
of guards made you a little nervous, but the team made its way to the main elevator.  In the elevator you saw two buttons marked down
behind it.
 Lovecraft hit number two; in a cloud of smoke and flames he went flying across the elevator, landing at Mr. Tull’s feet.  Tull laughed
thanks I needed a light, as he picked Lovecraft up and lit a Camel off one of the small fires.  Cathy yelled, he set off a magic trap, and
found a concealed panel to plug in the security token.  The elevator began to move down pass level two, and open to an empty office,
empty except for a large all-black crystal desk.  Behind the desk was a door marked Top Secret.  Lovecraft noticed with his cyber eye the
desk was actually a flattop computer.  The computer was set up so you could only see it in ultraviolet.
 After ten minutes Lovecraft said, I’m in, but all this corporate mumbo jumbo is out of my league.  Michael said, let me at it, after
finding a pair of UV glasses, he began to dance his way into the date base.  Michael pulled the book’s location from the computer, a small
safe in the back of Laboratory Blood I.  Mr. Tull said (I’m going to open that there safe like a beautiful girl opens an old man’s wallet, I
guar-un-tee.)  It was decided it would be faster to split up Michael at the computer, and the others to go for the book.  Lovecraft was
looking over the lock on the door and said I have no way to open it.
As if in a trance, Delaney walked up to the Top Secret door. As the door slowly opened, a machine-like voice said, welcome back number
five, and are you here for your check up? Is long overdue you know.  Vacant-eyed, Delaney began to slowly move down the hall, as if she
knew where she was going.  She walked past door after door, until she stopped at a door marked Genetically Engineered Life Forms.  The
voice sounded again, welcome as the door opened with an icy hiss.  The room was covered in ice, and had the smell of death was heavy in
the air.  It looked like a mad doctor’s laboratory.  In the middle of the room, you saw a man put together by committee strapped to a table.
He was a giant, over ten feet tall, heavily muscled, a living Frankenstein's monster.  Lovecraft cried out My God!  A Golem!  Delaney
untied the creature.  He coming with me was all she said.  The golem was like a very scared child, but did whatever Delaney told him to
do. With baby in tow, the team made its way to Blood I.  The lab’s door opened for Delaney, like all of the other.  Inside you saw two
menand a woman hanging from the ceiling by their ankles.  A machine on the floor was drinking in their blood.  Jamie and Lovecraft got
the three down.  Mr. Tull opened the safe just like an old man’s wallet in no time.  The safe was empty; Mr. Tull found a small ring in the
bottom.  He gave it a pull, and the bottom popped up, the book was within.
 Michael was slowly taking Hexcorp apart bit by bit.  From across the room he heard the elevator moving up.  When the elevator moved
down, and the doors opened, six guards in body armor, carrying pump shotguns ran out.  They ran through the outer office nonstop.  It
was a good thing for Michael, as at the time he was hiding under the desk.  The moment they were through the door, He popped up and
began calling Hex's call phone; six men with guns are on their way! Was all he could get out, before he passed out from fear?
 Jamie quickly set up an ambush in the hall.  Jamie popped out of a lab, and with one blast from his shotgun; he took off the head of one
of the guards.  As the other five turned to face Jamie, the golem threw his lab table, cutting four of the guards in half.   Lovecraft walked
up to the remaining stunned guard, and putting his .45 to the guard’s head, said isn’t that gun getting heavy?
The gun hit the floor and the guard pleaded for his life. When Delaney and the Golem came out of hiding, the guard horrified, gasped;
Dear God! They put it back together! And you're the kid, the one that ran away! They don’t pay me enough for this!  Hex made down just
in time to walked up to the guard, and said you’re right we don’t pay you enough, it would be best if you started looking over the want
ads, then the guard was told to go home, in Hex’s special way.  Jamie told Delaney to go around, and open all of the lab doors and jam
them open.  She had the Golem pull the doors off their hinges. Jamie started mixing chemicals, he told Lovecraft to go and open all of the
gas jets.  The team quickly made its way out of the building and into the car.
 From over a mile away, you could see the laboratory burst into a ball of flame.  Then the ball turned into a demonic shape pointing a
finger at Hex.  Back at Escott’s the team gave he a rundown of the night’s fun and games.  It was decided to give the book to Escott for
safekeeping.  Lovecraft asked if he could give the book a going-over.  The moment he touched the book, he vanished in a cloud of smoke.
Escott said, “I think has gone back to his own time, and I think its best if you all returned to your normal lives, and if I need your help in
the future”.
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